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Boat Stringer Products

The Sigma Stringer System is a custom shaped composite comprised of polyurethane foam and internal e-glass fiber or fabric, suitable for boats from 14 to 28 ft in length. Its shape is made to conform exactly with the hull using permanent molds to provide a consistent fit in every installation. Our process allows us to mold very complicated shapes, and we can provide any detail required including drain tubes, vents, aluminum backing plates, cavities for battery boxes, storage areas, ski lockers, and so on. The foam is a rigid polyurethane with an in place density of 2.2 lbs/cubic ft., and meets all the US Coast Guard requirements for flotation

The Sigma Stringer System allows the customer to select their own reinforcement schedule, which in turn provides the boat builder with a significantly lower installed cost, than systems that provide the reinforcement attached to the foam. Installation time is typically less than 2 man-hours, and provides a lighter weight and stronger product as compared to the other preform stringer systems. This is because other preformed stringer systems carry within them a layer of thick non-woven polyester fabric whose only function is to adhere the attached fiberglass to the underlying foam. This non-woven fabric is a resin consumer, increasing the weight of the stringer needlessly, thereby increasing the cost and weight of the installed stringer system substantially. Using the Sigma Stringer System gives the boat builder a system with two layers of reinforcement as against the single layer of the other system, at an overall lower cost.

Comparitive one foot sections shows the competition requires 1.3 lbs more resin to install. For a typical 20ft system this equates to 40
lbs of resin savings.
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